Can I wash a dog bed at a Laundromat?

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Can I wash a dog bed at a Laundromat?

Keeping your dog’s bed clean is important not just because it will look better, but also because it is much healthier for the animal.

Dirt, debris, and even bacteria can easily get into a dog bed, so cleaning it every two weeks is usually recommended.

In fact, if you can clean your dog bed every week, this is even better. Regarding how to clean your dog bed, if you’ve ever wondered, can I wash a dog bed at a laundromat, the answer is “yes,” you can.

What’s so great about a Laundromat?

The amazing part of using a laundromat to clean a dog bed is that the washers and dryers are both much larger and much more powerful than standard washers and dryers found in people’s homes.

When you clean a dog bed, this is important because you’ll be cleaning old pet urine, shed fur, fleas and ticks, and so much more, which means you need a washer that will do the job right the first time.

Bedding, clothes, and even doggie toys can usually be washed in a machine, and it gets them extra-clean every time.

Simply put, when compared to standard washers, the commercial washers found in laundromats do a much better job of removing stains and smells from various types of fabric, which includes dog beds.

Then there is the advantage of commercial washers being able to accommodate larger pet items, which saves time with the wash-and-dry process.

can i wash dog bed at laundromat

Bulky items such as dog beds, sheets, and blankets easily fit into a commercial washing machine, which means you can be done with your washing quickly.

Laundromats have washing machines that are large and accommodate lots of bedding and other items, and dryers that are large and powerful and which will dry these items quickly.

In addition to all of these things, most laundromats are very reasonably priced and conveniently located.

With bigger washers and dryers come bigger loads of laundry, which means you can get your dog bed cleaned in fewer loads and with less money than you thought.

Things to Remember When at the Laundromat

Asking yourself, can I wash a dog bed at a laundromat, makes sense, and now that you know about the advantages of washing your dog bed at your local laundromat.

Let’s talk about some things that will make the task a little easier.

These include the following tips:

  • Use a powerful stain remover for any fecal or urine stains on the dog bed
  • For dust and pet fur, vacuum the area closely
  • Before going to the laundromat, remove any dust, pet hair, and other debris to make cleaning a little easier
  • Make sure any loose buttons are repaired and other repairs are made before getting to the laundromat

In other words, you want all debris to be removed as much as possible and any stains are pre-treated before you get to the laundromat.

Regardless of how good the washers and dryers are, you might as well handle the more challenging problems before you place the items in the washing machine. This will make them a lot easier to clean in the end. 

If you do need to wash your dog bed in you home washing machine before you visit the Laundromat, check out our guide on how to wash your dog bed in a washing machine.

How Is a Dog Bed Washed and Cleaned?

The first thing you’ll want to do is determine if your dog bed is washable.

Many have to be washed by hand, and others have covers that you can remove and throw in the washing machine if you like.

The manufacturer’s instructions will tell you exactly how to clean the bed and/or the cover, and you should follow those instructions to the letter.

Try to use a pet-safe detergent whenever possible, and wash the bed at the highest allowable temperature so you can get rid of bacteria.

You might also want to rinse the bed twice to make sure you get rid of all of the detergent.

When it comes to drying your dog bed, you need to be very careful because many of them need to be air-dried. If you are able to dry the bed in the dryer, never use dryer sheets.

For dog beds that cannot be placed in a washing machine, the only thing you can do is wash them by hand, which is much easier if you use a tub or a large vat of some type.


If you’ve ever asked yourself, can I wash a dog bed at a laundromat, keep in mind that this is perfectly acceptable as long as you adhere to the directions printed on the label.

These large commercial washing machines are usually very powerful, but they are also large enough to dry lots of items very quickly.

When you do use dryers, use them without dryer sheets and dry the bed at the temperature recommended on the label.

Most importantly, use only pet-safe products at all times, which is especially important if your dog has any type of skin condition or health problem.

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