How to Clean a Memory Foam Dog Bed

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How to Clean a Memory Foam Dog Bed

Cleaning your dog’s bed isn’t that complicated, but you do have to keep in mind that the task will be different depending on what type of dog bed it is.

A memory foam dog bed may sound complicated and even difficult to keep clean, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

The truth is, learning how to clean a memory foam dog bed only requires that you learn a few simple tips to make the chore a little easier on you, and it starts with a few important do’s and don’ts.

Freshening up the Dog Bed Should Come First

One of the first things you’ll do when learning how to clean a memory foam dog bed is to freshen it up a bit before cleaning it.

Before you vacuum it, sprinkle either baking powder or some borax on the bed and let it sit for a minimum of one hour.

Letting it sit for longer than that is even better.

Once it sits long enough, you can take a handheld vacuum cleaner and vacuum the entire bed.

This will freshen the bed up and remove any pet hair, dust, or other debris located on the bed.

How to Clean a Memory Foam Dog Bed

To clean the bed, use a combination of one tablespoon of liquid dishwashing detergent, one tablespoon of white vinegar, and two cups of cool water and place it in a spray bottle.

Spray it on the entire bed, but do not let the bed become saturated.

Instead, it should only be slightly damp. Let the solution remain on the bed for 30 minutes, then take a damp cloth and rub the bed in a circular motion only.

Never wring or twist the foam as you work because this can damage it.

After you do this, empty your spray bottle and add one part vinegar to four parts water, then spray the entire bed again without saturating it.

Let it stay there for 30 minutes, then use the same circular motion to clean the bed a second time.

At this point, you’ll be ready to dry out your bed, which is an important part of learning how to clean a memory foam dog bed.

To dry the bed, let it sit outside so that the sun can disinfect it and dry it out at the same time. Always make sure the bed is completely dry before bringing it back inside.

Some Do's and Dont's to Remember

Some important tips to remember when you want to know how to clean a memory foam dog bed include:

  • Never put a memory foam bed in the washer or dryer
  • Do not scrub it or treat the surface harshly
  • Never use water that is hot or warm – use cool water only
  • When you dry it outside, place it in the heat but never in direct sunlight


The number-one rule of cleaning a dog bed made out of memory foam is to never get it wet or saturate it with any type of liquid.

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