Dog bed vs Crate - which is the best option?

Some owners and their dogs prefer crate training, as it gives discipline others feel it can reduce their fluffy friends movements.  We take a look at the pro’s and cons’ for each option helping you make the best choice for you, and your pooch.

Dog Bed vs Crate which is the best?

If you’re a new pet parent, one of the many decisions you’ll have to make is where to keep your pet at night time while it sleeps.

While some people prefer putting their beloved pets in a dog bed, others swear by crates.

The truth is, the dog bed vs. crate debate proves that there are pros and cons to each option, so in the end the question can best be answered by considering your dog’s disposition, how well house-trained it is, and several other factors.

Let's get to the point

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages to letting your pet sleep in a crate and in a dog bed.

For one thing, if your dog isn’t completely house-broken or enjoys chewing numerous items around the house, or if it is one of those dogs who likes to roam around the house at night, you might be better off putting your dog in a crate.

As a general rule, the dogs who do best with crates are small breeds, puppies, and dogs who have grown up sleeping in a crate.

Some dogs consider crates to be a form of punishment, but you can stop that from happening with the proper training techniques.

If you have a well-trained dog, you might want to consider using a dog bed instead.

Dog beds tend to be more comfortable than crates because they are thick and plush.

Dog beds also come in a huge selection of sizes, designs, colors, and materials. In short, it is impossible not to find a dog bed that is super comfortable for your furry family member.

When trying to decide between dog bed vs. crate products, consider the follow advantages of dog beds:

  • They are not as restrictive as crates and allow dogs to roam around the house when they need to
  • They are super fluffy and very cozy, not to mention nice and warm
  • They are available as orthopedic beds, lounge beds, nest beds, and many other types
  • They provide for better ventilation when compared to a dog crate
  • They are easy to move to other parts of the house because they are less bulky than crates

When you shop for dog beds, you’ll notice that the fabrics used to make these beds come in many different textures and designs. 

They can be super soft or even textured a little bit, and they are usually very thick as well. Specialty beds are made for dogs who have certain mobility problems, and there are so many colors available that it’s easy to find something that matches the decor of the room.

The manufacturers of dog beds are continuously coming up with better and more comfortable dog beds, so they truly offer something for everyone.

What Are the Disadvantages of Dog Beds?

Naturally, there are also disadvantages of using a dog bed, just like there are with any other product. These include the following:

  • They are generally more difficult to clean than a crate
  • They allow dogs to roam around the house at night, which means they might get in trouble
  • They can get very hot in the summer months because of the padding used
  • Dogs can chew on the beds, which means they might have to be replaced regularly
  • They tend to be worse for dogs with house-training issues as compared to crates

Keep in mind that both dog beds and dog crates come in a variety of sizes, so regardless of which one you choose and what size your dog is, it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that is the perfect size.

Most pet parents who choose crates use them for smaller dogs and for puppies who are still being house-trained.

Keep in mind that if your dog isn’t used to sleeping in a crate, it might be difficult for it to switch from a bed to a crate once it gets older.

That being said, if you know you want your dog to eventually start sleeping in a crate, it’s best if you start putting it there in the very beginning before it gets used to sleeping in another surrounding.

Most dogs will not respond well to being allowed to sleep in a cushy dog bed and then switching to a dog crate later on, especially if it considers a crate a negative thing.

When deciding between a dog bed vs. crate, all of these factors should be considered so you can decide what is best for your own dog.


The choice between a dog bed and a dog crate can sometimes be difficult to make, but you should now have a few more details on both of these options so that you can make a better informed decision. 

The companies that sell dog beds can provide you with additional information on these items, but the easiest action to take is to consider your dog’s personality and your personal preferences so that you choose the right one in the end.