Best Dog Bed for Diggers

In this article we take a look at the various dog beds which are made specifically for dogs that like to dig.  Having a dog bed that can withstand the natural temptation of our fluffy friends saves money in the long run.

Best Dog Bed for Diggers - lets take a look

If you have an active dog that loves to chew and dig, choosing the right dog bed might be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

The truth is, there are things you can do that reduce the risks of your dogs tearing up their beds night after night.

Before we take a look at the best dog bed for diggers, let’s go over a few of those things. They include:

  • Limit their alone time during the day
  • Make sure the dog has toys to keep him busy when you’re gone
  • Provide your dog with a lot of physical and mental exercise daily
  • When your dog starts destroying something, redirect the chewing to an item that is appropriate
  • Spray Bitter Apple spray on his toys and bedding daily

Choosing the Right Dog Bed

With a little patience, you can lessen the chances of your dog destroying the dog bed you purchased by training him and redirecting some of his activities, but there are also special beds made just for dogs who love to chew on and destroy everything in sight.

While no dog bed is 100% indestructible, there are some that are made extremely sturdy and are actually difficult to destroy.

Below are some of the sturdiest beds suitable for dogs that like to dig.

Our Top 4 Dog Beds for Diggers

This affordable dog bed is made with high-density foam for excellent support and has a durable cover that can take a lot of scratching and chewing. 

While not recommended for the constant chewing that puppies do, dogs can use it without any problems, even larger dogs. 

You can remove the cover when you need to clean it, and it is even waterproof to help it last longer.

The bed comes in five sizes and is super smooth and soft. It comes with a 90-day limited warranty and was specially designed for dogs that dig, scratch, and chew.

This orthopedic bed is great for preventing damages due to scratching and digging behaviors. 

It provides a lot of support for your dog and can reduce pain if he suffers with medical issues such as hip dysplasia, joint pain, or others. 

It is also a waterproof bed, which means accidents don’t have to concern you, and the removable cover is super-durable and can be cleaned with a washing machine.

The bed is available in five different sizes and has an elegant design that will look great in your home, and it is extremely comfortable. 

While it isn’t as thick as some others, it is still a good one to consider when you’re looking for the best dog bed for diggers.

With a unique doughnut design and elevated edges, this dog bed is great for smaller dogs and puppies that suffer with separation anxiety. 

It will withstand constant scratching and digging and some light chewing, but it is only chew-resistant and not chew-proof. 

The bed is compact and lightweight, which means transporting it is a piece of cake, and it is available in four different sizes.

Tough and very sturdy, the K9 Ballistics dog bed is soft to the touch and therefore comfortable for your dog, and you can easily clean it by using wipes or throwing it in the washing machine.

If your dog has skin allergies, this is a great dog bed to purchase because it is hypoallergenic and therefore safe for him to use. 

It is available in four different colors and provides excellent support even for big dogs thanks to its memory foam blend. Durable and comfortable, you also get a removable water-resistant cover that you can clean simply by throwing it in the washer.

The only drawback of the bed is that it isn’t 100% waterproof, but it is water-resistant and is specifically designed to withstand a lot of scratching and digging.


Finding the best dog bed for diggers is much easier if you do some research ahead of time, and there are other brands besides these that can last through tons of chewing and scratching activity. 

If you need additional information on how to keep your dog bed clean, check out our article here on how to wash your Dog Bed in your washing machine and a guide to washing your Dog Bed at the Laundromat.