Can I put a dog bed in the washing machine?

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Can I put a dog bed in the washing machine?

Can I put a dog bed in the washing machine? That’s a question that every dog owner has got in mind.

As thank fully we are all getting more environment conscious instead of buying a new dog bed, we look at washing and refreshing your current pups palace.

Well, the answer is, of course, the dog’s bed should be washed, and it can be cleaned in the washing machine.

Just like human beings, your dogs will also be in touch with various kinds of elements like bacteria and fungus.

Although our fluffy friends have a much higher tolerance to bacteria and viruses then us humans, it still worth reducing the risk where possible.

So as all bacteria could put them a risk of contaminating themselves and thus, the need to wash their beds becomes more significant.

How regularly should your dog’s bed be washed?

When you ask yourself,  can I put a dog bed in the washing machine, it is more important to determine how regularly are you supposed to wash your dog’s bed.

This is dependent on a number of factors, including:

  • Activities undertaken by your dog throughout the day.
  • The kind of allergies that your dog might have because the more allergies your dog has, the more often you would require to wash its bed.
  • Like your dog, if the dog owner is prone to allergies or have got existing health issues and they have regular contact with the dog, then your dog’s bed will require a wash.
  • If your dog losses hair and it is quite frequent, that might be another reason to wash the dog’s bed more regularly.
Can I Put a Dog Bed in the Washing Machine

Generally, it is believed that in case all the above factors exist, then you should wash your dog’s bed at least once or twice a week.

The good news is, most dog beds are machine washable and it is only the more expensive dog beds that require specialist dry cleaning. 

Plus, in extraordinary circumstances like when your dog’s bed smells or it contains dirt, then common sense needs to prevail, and you would need to wash it as per the need.

How should I wash my dog’s bed?

Now when your question, “can I put a dog bed in the washing machine?” has been answered, it is equally crucial to understand the correct way of washing your dog’s bed.

It is perfect to have a machine washable dog bed as most such beds have a conveniently washable cover.

However, there are various kinds of dog beds and relevant products that could assist in making your dog’s bed completely machine washable.

It goes without saying, before you decide to wash your dog bed in the washing machine you should carefully read the information labels on the dog bed and only wash them as per the instructions. 

As you can see, we think washing your dog bed in your washing machine is a great idea. 

If you have a larger dog bed, there is always the option of washing your dog bed at your local laundromat – check out our guide here

If you are not sure of which detergent to use, why not read our great article on if Tide makes a great detergent for washing your dog bed.

Our final thought – it is always a good idea to use an additional eco friendly fabric conditioner in your wash to give your fluffy friend an extra soft bed to sleep on.